Neha Malik

Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Trauma therapist

I offer evidence-based therapy to individuals and couples, and have extensive experience in the field of personal development.


About Me

I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to it’s ethical framework. My qualifications and training include:
⦿ B.A. (Hons) Psychology
⦿ M.A. Psychology
⦿ Advanced Diploma in Humanistic-Integrative Counselling
⦿ Diploma in Trauma Therapy, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional level 1 by IATP.

Having a background in psychology, I have worked as a psychologist at a mental health centre for four years. Subsequently, I worked as a school counsellor, providing counselling to young children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, and also to their parents, to improve upon the interactions between them and their children. My work experience also includes counselling service to the NHS / IAPT (South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust). I worked as an associate counsellor at Brunel University. Having worked as a counsellor and a psychotherapist for over 15 years, I am experienced at handling emotional and psychological issues and with promoting inner growth and change.
I have an ongoing yoga and meditation practice and I also strive to practice mindfulness in my daily life. Believing that there is no boundary to personal growth, I am whole-heartedly committed to my self development. I regularly engage in self-expression through poetry.


Certificate in
Working with Children and Young People

Certificate in
Working with Couples and Other Relationships

Certificate in
Internal Family Systems Approach


Individual psychotherapy, trauma therapy, relationship therapy

Counselling / Psychotherapy Services Offered

Psychotherapy enables us to have a deepened awareness of ourselves, our relationship patterns and the choices available to us in the present. Through a recreation of our past, it helps us to gain understanding and insight into the origins of our disturbing issues, be they emotional, psychological or relational. Increasing awareness along with a range of helpful strategies and techniques, in turn, can enable us to work through our difficulties.
Psychological issues are common and can benefit from professional help.

Some of the areas I work with:

⦿ Anxiety
⦿ Depression
⦿ Anger management
⦿ Low self-esteem
⦿ Identity issues
⦿ Grief counselling
⦿ Stress management
⦿ Relationship difficulties
⦿ Addictions
⦿ Eating disorders
⦿ Personal development
⦿ Lack of meaning or purpose
⦿ Training in meditation / mindfulness
⦿ Trauma, PTSD, CPTSD
⦿ Emotional abuse / sexual abuse
⦿ Borderline personality disorder
⦿ Panic disorder
⦿ Obsessive-Compulsive disorder


Couples Therapy

My work with couples (and other relationships) involves an exploration of the relationship issues and difficulties, including attitudes towards differences within the relationship. Other aspects of my work include exploration of needs and feelings, making unconscious beliefs and expectations conscious, paying attention to communication difficulties and providing training in healthier communication skills, conflict resolution, establishing greater understanding and empathy within the relationship, maintaining healthy boundaries.

Trauma Therapy

Within the context of a safe and trusting relationship with clients, in which healing becomes possible, I follow the ‘tri-phasic model’ in my work towards trauma recovery:
Phase 1) Safety and Stabilisation of symptoms.
Phase 2) Reprocessing the Memories (clearing the past charge).
Phase 3) Integration, Meaning and Growth (forward-facing).

I am trained in the use of treatment protocols such as TF-CBT (Trauma Focussed - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), IRRT (Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy), NET (Narrative Exposure Therapy) and the IFS (Internal Family Systems) model. Each of these interventions have a strong evidence-base for trauma recovery.

‘We cannot change the past, no matter how hard we try or how good our tools. It is just not possible. The past is, literally, out of our control. The good news is, we can change the effect the past continues to have on ourselves and our clients, now and in the future.’ Rothschild.


Integrative, transpersonal, trauma-focussed, relational

I offer evidence-based psychotherapy, which is personalised and tailored to meet your needs. I aim to help you attain the goals you are striving for, by providing you with a warm, accepting and supportive space, where your issues can be explored in depth. I am committed to developing a therapeutic relationship with you that is non-judgmental, confidential and safe.

‘Change can only come about once we become who or what we truly are’.

I aim to help you explore what feels real to yourself (your thoughts, feelings and attitudes) so that you can develop insight into who you are. In meeting yourself - with your raw emotions and vulnerabilities - you can gain the clarity, strength and courage to meet life (and others) with greater authenticity and well being.

My approach is integrative-transpersonal, which means, I work by combining a whole range of therapeutic approaches and techniques, such as psychodynamic, gestalt, transactional analysis, cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, existential and also, transpersonal.

Two approaches I heavily draw on, are the psychodynamic approach and the gestalt approach. While the psychodynamic approach aims to gain insight into the origins of your painful feelings and disturbing behaviours, the gestalt approach aims to increase your awareness of all that you are experiencing in the here-and-now and the choices available to you in the present.


Another approach I am drawn to, is the existential approach, which aims to explore your values and what gives you the greatest meaning and purpose in your life.

Transpersonal means that some sort of process is occurring within us, which in essence, goes beyond us. The goal of transpersonal therapy is the expanding of your consciousness and a deepening of your self-awareness. Depending upon the outcome hoped for, I can empower you with techniques such as meditation, mindfulness and positive affirmations to help you to achieve the same. Mindfulness allows you to gently and compassionately focus your attention - to your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations - in the present moment - and without judgement. It encourages you to stay present, with whatever it is that you are experiencing, thereby enabling you to break free from self-defeating habit patterns. Positive affirmations are helpful in creating a positive image of yourself, as they allow you to consistently affirm your positive qualities. By creating an image of yourself as you want to be, they can also become a means of moving towards your goals.

I am also trained in several cognitive-behavioural interventions, which are empirically validated and can work well in treating many states of anxiety and depression.

Two models I heavily draw on, particularly while working with trauma, are the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). IFS is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based and integrative model of psychotherapy. It is based on the view that our minds are made up of relatively discrete subpersonalities, each with their own unique viewpoints and valuable qualities and that our core ‘Self’ knows how to heal. Recovery from trauma, addictions, self-defeating behaviours, anxiety and depression involves befriending and healing these ‘parts’ of ourselves. This allows us to become integrated and whole and promotes self-compassion. CPT is based on the view that we, having experienced traumatic events, often get ‘stuck’ in our thoughts and beliefs, which may have lasting impacts on our lives. This approach helps us to manage our distressing thoughts and to alter our ‘stuck beliefs’ by gaining a deeper perspective on how traumatic experiences influenced the way we think about ourselves and the world. Both these models have a strong evidence-base for trauma recovery.

I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is the most important factor in achieving goals in therapy and therefore, I strive to establish relational depth with each of my clients. While I am willing to give my 100%, the effectiveness of therapy also depends upon your willingness to explore disturbing emotions in therapy and to take responsibility for yourselves. Together, this can yield the best results in therapy.

I am respectful of individual and cultural differences, whether of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion or any other difference.

‘One must learn to love oneself…with a wholesome and healthy love, so that one can bear to be with oneself and need not roam.’ Nietzsche.


In your first session, I will take you through an initial assessment, which will be a series of questions to get to know you and the issues you are bringing to therapy. I will also want to find out about your present situation as well as issues and patterns from your past that you may want to work through. At the end of the assessment, I will explain to you how I plan to work with you, keeping your personal issues in mind. You can then decide how you feel about continuing therapy with me.

During subsequent sessions, therapy will offer you a safe, confidential space each week for you to feel heard and understood, to gain new perspectives on difficulties in your life, and for you to build a stronger sense of yourself.

That depends on the issues you are bringing to therapy and how deeply you wish to delve into underlying issues from your past. I may offer you an initial 10 sessions, after which we can review how things are progressing. If you wish to explore your issues further, or if you have underlying issues, such as childhood trauma, then we could continue therapy on an open-ended basis.

I normally charge £60 - £70 per session (for individuals), depending upon the issues being brought into therapy and whether they would require specialised treatment protocols and £80 - £100 per session (for couples) and (for family therapy). I occasionally offer low cost counselling to those on low income as I want people from all walks of life to be able to benefit from counselling. Fees are payable by cash at the end of each session or via internet banking within 24 hours of each session.

Sessions are weekly, of 50 mins duration, which can be either face-to-face or online (via Zoom). A couples therapy session is of 75 mins duration. It may be possible to arrange more frequent sessions on an occasional or ongoing basis (such as during times of acute stress).


‘Neha is a great therapist who works with clients using a very empathic, warm and compassionate way of working. My experience of receiving therapy with Neha as my therapist has been one of personal development, growth and ongoing support. Neha uses her expertise to gain a holistic understanding of my childhood experiences, and how this impacts my current relationships. Through her collaborative, patient and understanding way of working, I have developed a level of self-confidence, esteem and self-compassion that was missing from a young age. From the outset, Neha was great at providing good listening skills in a calm and collected manner, which alleviated my anxiety of receiving therapy for the first time. As someone who also works in the field of mental health, I would highly recommend Neha.’

(Male, early thirties, Doctorate Psych Student)
‘Neha is a deeply compassionate, caring and intelligent soul and a wonderful therapist! I feel very fortunate to have met her. I’ve appreciated her authenticity and her ability to understand and adapt to different models of therapy to support me through my journey. I feel that Neha is really committed to helping me improve my life and I enjoy my sessions with her!’

(Female, early fifties)
‘I’ve been seeing Neha for a while now for relationship and trauma therapy and I can honestly say she is superb at her job. I love that she combines a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques rather than a “one fits all” method. I’ve tried seeing therapists specialising in just one approach and found it very limiting, often hitting a frustrating plateau. Not with Neha, she explores what works for you and gets to the core of the issue. I’m sure you’ll find her as warm, considerate, and accepting as I have.’

(Female, early thirties, marketing role)
‘My time in therapy with Neha, over a period of about 3 years, has made a tremendous difference to my thinking, and also to the turns my life has since taken. I would say that I arrived to therapy "in crisis," confused, and generally not in a great place. But through my sessions with Neha, I've been able to slowly and gently untangle the "mess," and also to come to terms with and process some difficult things that were probably repeatedly tripping me up. The things I've come to really appreciate about Neha's approach are that though it never feels like she is pushing, she's very good at helping me manoeuvre out of the position I'm stuck in, in terms of thinking, or perspective, and come into a new place. I also find her approach quite practical, which is very helpful. She'll often send me a worksheet, or information about the approach we are taking, or terms to search and I like being able to go away and read up a bit more about the techniques we're using. She might also give me something to go away and try out between our sessions, which for me is a way to get the most out of my sessions with her. The other thing I would say is that in rare moments where I have been upset by something Neha has said, I have been able to speak to her about it and have always found her response sincere and empathetic. All in all, and with two other experiences of therapy, it would not be an understatement for me to say, that therapy with Neha has been life-changing for me.’

(Female, late twenties, teacher)
‘Neha has helped me deal with my mental health issues in such a big way that I cannot emphasise how much therapy with her has improved my life and how I experience it. Neha has taught me how to examine myself and the work we have done expresses itself in so many areas of my life. Her technique is couched in patience and kindness, walking me through questions and exercises that help me identify the root of my behaviours. I've never understood myself as well as after working with Neha.’

(Female, thirties, fiction writer)
‘After 20 years struggling with various levels of depression, Neha made it possible for me to feel positive about my future. She combines an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience with a sincere kindness and a passion for helping people. I’ve been amazed by her ability to use different psychological models in a way that always feels natural and authentic; unravelling the mess of self-destructive ideas in my head so I can learn to deal with them safely. For me, the experience has been transformational. I can’t express how grateful I am.’

(Male, early forties, Senior Data Analyst, Mental Health NHS Trust)


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